Telemark ski style is an awesome way how to ski as the first skiers did. The diference between normal and telemark skiing is that your heel on telemark ski sis free, simile as on cross country skis. Turns are led by outer ski, where your heel touch your ski, appart from the inner ski, where your heel is lifted and your knee is bend backwards.

The roots of telemarks skiing are dated back to 1868, when Norwegian skier Sondre Norheim, show an imposant run in some competition. This „Norheim style“ quickly spread around Europe. The technique was called according the name of place where it was first ridden in the competition – Telemark. As one of the oldest and from our point of view the most stylish ski style, we higly recomend to give it a try!

Telemark, or so-called free heel skiing is risik again from late 90´s, there are many shows and competition again, many clubs and teams were established recently and you can spots telemark riders at our slopes too. For many advanced skiers is telemark one of the way how to enjoy the mountain differently.

Lets come and try this almost forgotten, but re-discovered style of skiing!

We also rent the right equipment, please contact us in advance if you´re interested.

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